1 Stallion Capital

Consulting on business development and structuring for innovative businesses and startups. Investing in blockchain tech.

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1 Stallion Capital steps on 20 years of cumulative team experience in the blockchain industry. We previously consulted and invested in multiple successful projects at early stage. Consulted on the following matters: - Market Making and OTC desk firm on contracts, bank representation and tax compliance; - Decentralised exchange startup on AML and Compliance; - Crypto media on financial products; - Angel investor on buying shares in startup in Ireland; - First employee of top three stablecoins DEX on distribution of profit, conversion to fiat and tax; - Founders of ICO for centralised exchange on corporate structure and licenses; - Startup Wallet provider on licenses in EU; - Centralised international financial institution with 20 years experience on launching crypto products in UK, UAE, Australia, Germany, South Africa and other jurisdictions; - Successful IDO on tax and company structure; - Cloud mining business on contracts, tax and compliance in Bulgaria; - DeFi lending startup on compliance; - DAO on off-shore structure; and others. Successful investments at early stage: - bitcoin; - Ether; - ETHlend (now Aave); - Stellar; - Binancecoin; - Swissborg; - Holochain; - Luna; - e-Radix; - Curve; - Cosmos; - Ispolink; - PHMN; and others. Our network: We have created a network of legal experts, traders, financial consultants, bankers, founders, investors, developers and other blockchain experts who we introduce to each other and help them grow their businesses.