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We are a team of blockchain developers and full-stack developers with having 5+ years of experience in this industry and 2 years of experience in freelancing platforms. What we can cover: - Smart contract by Solidity, Rust - Flexible & Smart UX/UI design & creative NFT graphic design - Pixel perfect, fully responsive, awesome website in any JS framework. - Contract integration using web3.js/ethers.js. - Fully featured Dapp Launch - Website development using MEAN/MERN - Mobile Application development in React Native. Specialities: -> Blockchain Development - Solidity, NFT Marketplace, NTF P2E games, smart contract, web3.js, ether.js, DAO, Liquidity pool, ICO, Presale with MLM ( Multilevel Chains ), ICO with referral programs, Crypto wallet Dashboard, Crypto Exchange, Crypto betting platform, Yield farming, Stacking, -> Full-Stack Web development / Mobile App development: React/Angular, Express, Laravel, Typescript, Node, .NET, React Native, Flutter Our Achievements: -> 100+ projects delivered. -> More than 200 Tokens launched. -> 80+ tokens launched on Solana using Rust. -> 90+ tokens launched on BSC and Ethereum network. -> 40+ tokens launched on Avalanche chain. -> More than 60 ICO's launched with MLM & referral feature. -> User panel with wallet to show their stakes, rewards, referral & holdings. -> 40+ website and mobile application projects done using MEAN/MERN.