Ace Global Exchange

ACE Global Exchange aim to be the most trustworthy and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

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ACE Global Exchange has put all of its resources into building a blockchain ecosystem, dedicated to creating the most trustworthy and more efficient financial system. We mainly build a complete ecosystem with digital asset exchanges, blockchain accelerator, quantitative trading teams, NFT platforms, Metaverse ecological applications, blockchain media, and blockchain construction funds to achieve the Nasdaq listing plan within five years. ACE Global Exchange has 6 major digital asset exchange businesses, including spot trading, digital asset derivatives trading, fund custody, Cefi, digital asset wallets, and NFT platforms. Full compliance with international laws, providing a more stable and legal business section. Exchange functions include fiat currency access, asset management, equity and debt tokenisation, etc., with all the licenses, including blockchain wallets. ACE Global Exchange offers VIP services for users with $1 million of liquid assets, such as professional financial advice, perfect tax planning with low transaction costs, diversified financial consulting, blockchain asset management, smart Contracts for family funds and more.We also provide 24/7 customer service, instant feedback and the safest service experience, trusted by international partnerships around the world. This also helps to bring the Southeast Asian digital currency ecosystem to countries such as the Middle East and Africa, and then gradually expand globally.ACE Global Exchange led by a group of elite financial professionals who are deeply involved in the fields of digital assets, technology, quantitative trading and other top talents; innovation-oriented, full of enthusiasm to think about how to put the spirit of blockchain into practice, while providing the best product experience to the market. We provide better trade returns than traditional finance, diversified blockchain products, and assists clients with digital asset allocation and management services.