aelf is the cloud-powered public blockchain for businesses.

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aelf is an excellent one stop solution for Web3 DApps, built upon a cloud-native, high-performance, next-gen blockchain system. With its various infrastructures and developer tools that underpin Web3, applications in aelf ecosystem can run in a secure, fast, smooth, and cost-efficient manner. aelf is a multi-chain parallel computing blockchain framework which incorporates state-of-the-art IT design principles and technologies to bring it up to a commercial standard. aelf is envisioned as the "Linux eco-system for blockchainโ€, defining the most basic, essential, and time-consuming components of the system and making significant improvements based on existing blockchains in the market. The system will allow developers to customize it to meet their own needs, particularly commercial requirements for large and diverse industries. Investors include: Alphabit (UK), BlockTower (U.S.), 1kx capital (Germany), Hashed (South Korea), Hyperchain Capital (Singapore), Signum Capital (Singapore), FBG Capital (Singapore), Galaxy Digital Assets (U.S.) & others.