- crypto KYC/AML & cash-out expertise

Bridging the gap between early adopters, token issuers and reputable Swiss private banks.

There are no job openings at - crypto KYC/AML & cash-out expertise. - crypto KYC/AML & cash-out expertise ยท Geneva , Switzerland (formerly Altcoinomy) is the leading KYC/AML expert for digital assets. Since 2017, the company bridges the gap between traditional finance and digital assets, in a smooth and seamless way. It cemented its reputation on crypto-compliance expertise by accompanying countless individuals, corporates and banks, navigate the most stringent regulatory requirements. Early adopters, crypto millionaires, token issuers and financial institutions rely on us on a daily basis for all their digital assets needs. As a Swiss financial intermediary and crypto-broker, we specialize in high-end transactions through our OTC desk and act as a clearer and paymaster of funds. Our board of directors includes Constantin Papadimitriou, Chairman; Konstantinos Lanaras, Co-founder & C.E.O; Olivier Cohen, Founder & C.O.O For more information about alt, please visit For business enquiries: [email protected] Telegram: @swisspb Threema: MABX9MX