ArtCert is an NFT based Certificate of Authenticity Application for Minting Platforms

NFT is a digital asset that is entirely in the digital universe; You cannot touch it, but you can possess it. An NFT can be any type of digital file: a piece of art, an article, music, or even a physical piece of art. NFTs or immutable tokens are to the art world what cryptocurrencies are to financial markets. A valuable new game, greeted with enthusiasm by some and agnosticism by others. Pieces of NFT art can change hands for thousands or millions of dollars or euros. They were even sold in the world's most famous art auction houses. ArtCert is a backend solution for Mint Platforms to give more confidence to creators and buyers. It creates โ€˜certificates of authenticityโ€™ by creators or vendors to build trust like in the physical world. All certificates created by ArtCert are specific to and tied to the artwork.