ArtsyApes is the first project that brings NFTs back into the real world for you to own!

ArtsyApes is the first purely hand-made NFT Collection. Stebo has painted over 150 unique traits, the building blocks that ArtsyApes are made from, on rolls of canvas that combined have the length of an olympic-sized swimming pool. In the collection itself, there are elements from many cornerstones of pop culture, from the realm of cinema to in-jokes born on the Internet. Some imagery is firmly anchored in the world of cryptocurrency, while other elements reference fashion and brands, topped off by 5 traits dedicated to an official partnership with Jรคgermeister Austria. Owners of ArtsyApes Tokens gain entry to a custom-built Web3.0Shop. On it, they will be able to redeem or commission a variety of physical art items made from their ArtsyApes NFT. Physicality is important because it preserves history and creates the strongest sense of attachment - But itโ€™s also where our backing system comes into play, because you wouldnโ€™t screenshot a painting. ArtsyApes is about tokenising real world items, chiefly real world ArtsyApes items. Using NFC Chip technology, we can link physical artworks back to their Mother-NFT. After fitting a Crypto NFC Chip onto a physical artwork, it serves as proof of ownership, origin, and uniqueness. Our Web3.0Shop-Platform is set to be opened up to a curated line-up of partner projects. An ArtsyApes-NFT will always be required to connect to it.