Bay Street HR

Bay Street HR provides full-service outsourced HR support as well as individual HR services.

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Bay Street HR is focused on providing outsourced human resources services to small and mid-sized public, private companies and not-for-profit organizations. Bay Street HR offers expertise in a full range of human resources services. Our human resources solutions are simple, effective and essential to building a high-performing team. We deliver both day-to-day human resources support and strategic human resources consulting solutions designed to advance and positively impact employee performance. Our services include: - 360ยฐ Feedback - Board HR and governance consulting - Compensation - Day to Day HR Management - Employee relations - Employment standards compliance - Performance measurement and management - Recruitment and Selection - Startups - Team Building - Terminations We provide an affordable means of obtaining first rate human resources advice and support at a fraction of the cost of using large HR consulting firms or establishing your own HR department. Based on your unique needs, we will assess the most affordable and cost effective fee strategy to meet your requirements and budget. Please send us a message to inquire about our services or arrange a consultation with one of our team members.