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Be Finance was founded with the slogan "No need to wait for the day parents give out allowance". Universiry students can have advance allownces through Be Finance and receive cash at the dormitories, or via bank transfer. If a student continuously conmutes from the dormitory/boarding room to University every working day for 3 months, he/she could be granted a "Salary" of $20 - $50 within 5-14 days. Students contribute to the community and to maintain the advance allowance funds by giving their own โ€œTipsโ€ to the system. Absolutely no interests, no fees, no penalties, no loans, no collaterals. 86% of students are satisfied with the service in which 40% of students return to use the service within 1.5 months. Receiving good feedbacks from the student salary market, we established Be Earning (BE) in late 2020. Be Earning was established with the mission to help more than 54.6 million Vietnamese workers solve their essential spending needs without waiting for payday โ€“ โ€œToday is pay dayโ€. We partner with financial institutions and telecommunications corporations to provide Salary Advance services for millions of Vietnamese workers.