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We are built on a love of gaming fueled by entrepreneurial spirit with the explicit purpose of empowering extraordinary founders to actualize the ideas that won't leave them alone. Our perspective on the future of the industries in which we invest - gaming, Web3, and immersive technology - is anchored around a thesis of Synthetic Reality: that the convergence of physical and digital worlds will continuously introduce new human experiences and create unprecedented social and economic opportunities. We currently serve a global portfolio of over 120 forward-thinking startups, each contributing to the construction of the virtual worlds and economies of tomorrow. -- Legal Disclaimer: The views expressed in linked content generated by unaffiliated third parties are the opinions and projections of the author, and not BITKRAFT Ventures (โ€œBITKRAFTโ€). Unless otherwise noted, they are subject to change at any time based on market and other conditions. BITKRAFT does not represent that any opinion or projection will be realized.