Centurion & Co.

Centurion & Co is a leading incubator and accelerator for companies through technological transformation

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Centurion & Co is a very dynamic and active Management and Investment Firm Headquartered in Dubai, operating through several investments and entities in Singapore, Cyprus, France, Tunisia and Lebanon. Centurion & Co is recognized as an active Venture Capital, Incubator and Technology Enabler leading transformation by disruption either through the successful investments realized in Software, Cloud, Telecom, Payment and Blockchain industries or through the success of its own incubations and platforms: centurion network, adnetwork, wenext, skytelecom, etc. Over the past 4 years, the group has leveraged both human capital expertise and high-tech know-how to become an effective operator and leader in the fintech and digital era. The group is growing its portfolio in the fintech industry with a tapping eye on digital banking, ecommerce acceleration and payment service processing.