ChangeX | DeFi and Banking

A Hybrid ecosystem combining Crypto, DeFi, and Banking in a sleek app.

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The ChangeX platform combines the power of DeFI with compliant CeFI for an immersive experience that allows users to put Crypto, DeFi and Banking under one roof. ChangeX strives to streamline the entire crypto journey by giving the complete set of tools to navigate this ever-expanding world. We know how demoralizing it can be to have to use several different apps in order to simply buy and stake your assets, and weโ€™re here to change that. Well, CHANGE that, to be precise. CHANGE is the utility and governance token of the ChangeX platform. It has a fixed supply coupled with inflationary income from the underlying POS pools, thus leveraging on the best features of both models. CHANGE will be also used by the community to vote on new listings and the integration of new leveraged staking assets on the platform. With CHANGE, every trade also earns more โ€“ 30% of all trading fees will be used for stimulating deflation. The ChangeX platform focuses on DeFi Composability, which enables economic systems to interact with each other and create synergies in improving outcome probability. It aims in offering a mobile-friendly app interface that will tap on this opportunity. Non tech-savvy individuals will be able to take advantage of non-custodial industry-leading products such as cross-chain bridges, staking, lending, DAOs, collateralized staking in Lego-like combinations that aim in providing lower risk with higher reward. Blockchainโ€™s complex and interoperable ecosystem is the backend. ChangeX is the interface for that backend with a strong vision for future expansion and integration. Our vision sees crypto becoming mainstream, accessible, and usable โ€” to this end the ChangeX Crypto Visa Card will allow spending your digital assets without impairing APR and without costly and cumbersome transfers.