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CIFDAQ aims to be the world鈥檚 first comprehensive ecosystem with the unique advantage of hosting major trading verticals in its aegis. The exchange shall host synthetic tickers of stocks, fiat currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies and unparalleled fantasy pairs. It is an end to end hybrid asset trading platform to enable the capability to completely overwhelm the traditional exchanges.   CIFDAQ is a comprehensive and integrated trading platform with handpicked tickers from across global markets and multiple verticals. CIFDAQ creates the perfect ecosystem for trading varied asset classes which include stocks (derivatives), commodities (derivatives), forex and cryptocurrencies. The horizon is not just an illusion now, its reality.   CIFDAQ, allows you to trade multiple asset classes and helps manoeuvre the tickers that you choose to pick and then monitor your trades as they unfold.  Further, we provide a highly secured in-house wallet to facilitate the daily trading participants. This platform is made to be more than contemporary by embedding diverse verticals that remain untouched to date. The core business of CIFDAQ is providing a unique and grossly disruptive mix and match trading platform with cross vertical fantasy pairing that promises to be the world鈥檚 first. The exchange shall introduce immense value-added services that make it an extended enterprise which cuts beyond the traditional exchange. It would be suitable for all type of investors including institutions, family offices, HNI traders, individuals and scalpers. The business ecosystem cuts across many verticals and integrates into itself a very varied and diverse conglomeration of business owners and competing peers. The aim is to be a customer-centric online trading exchange that provides a truly disruptive and scalable business model which is both unmatched and unparalleled.