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Codeln is an end-to-end Technical Recruitment platform. We offer the best approach to recruiting Software Developers by automating the entire process thereby cutting down technical recruitment time by 70%. We understand that the process of recruiting Software Developers is a hectic and time-consuming process and if not properly conducted, the Company risks having a bad hire. Finding and identifying skilled talents is quite a process and employing a wrong fit slows down technical productivity rate. We thereby make recruiting Software Developers a fast and easy process for Companies. Our key services: Talent Sourcing: we help Companies find skilled Software Developers through our Online Marketplace of pre-vetted Software Developers. To ensure quality, we verify the coding skills of all candidates before we place them on our Platform by testing them using a project-based approach. We also source from Certified Tech Training Institutions. Screening: validating the skills of potential employees cannot be overemphasized. Using our Testing Platform, we help verify the coding skills of Software Developers by giving them projects (workplace sample tests) to build on our online Integrated Development Environment (IDE). We check for code quality (vulnerability, maintainability etc) based on standards and best practices.