CoinFloww Exchange

A global digital assets exchange offering the lowest fees and the highest security and transparency

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CoinFloww is an exchange backed by a regulated cryptocurrency OTC company that has been providing the best prices and volume since 2019. In the bear market of 2022, we launched our exchange platform with the foundational principle that digital assets should be more free and accessible to everyone, without hefty barriers of entry. This is why we charge no listing fees to projects listed on our exchange, have extremely low barriers of entry for anyone to list and freely trade on our platform. We also believe any exchange in this space should have a commitment to radical security & transparency for their customers . As such, we are fully transparent about how we store and manage our users funds & our fund security is made possible by using MCP multi-sig wallet technology powered by Join us in our journey to build the future digital economy 鈥 a more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system enabled by distributed ledger technologies.