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In the Blockchain world, tokens exist due to their usefulness. Operating as the centerpiece of the ecosystem, they can serve as a medium of exchange, represent assets, utility or equity, and carry governance rights. Tokenomics or a token economy model is an essential part of any crypto project. This is a mechanism that defines how a certain token is functioning and how all of its related processes are organized. It sets desirable behavioral goals and establishes the game rules to accomplish those goals. At CoinScalar we focus on mechanism design. When designing the system, we define what participants can do with the token, design desirable behaviors and provide fair rewards for each behavior to reinforce it. We model the tokens so that their properties are linked to user incentives motivating them to contribute to the development of the system. In addition to token mechanism design, we help you develop the financial models and a whitepaper that describes how a project works and explains the tokenomics model. A well-designed economic model can help the business to achieve the desired purpose, sustainable business growth and high market value. Reach us at: [email protected] and work with us on your Pitch deck, Whitepaper, Financial model and Tokenomics for a successful project launch.