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The Leader in Transparent Consulting, Managed Services, and Staffing for Your Business and Technology Needs Concordis is a business and technology consulting and staffing company owned and operated by 003 LLC. Why โ€“ We believe growing a business should benefit all stakeholders and be a little bit fun. Vision โ€“ To make transparency the norm Business โ€“ Business and technology staffing Delivery Models โ€“ Managed Service, SOW, VMS, Contingent Culture โ€“ Shared Success/FABIPI Fun: Our team knows when to joke around and when to buckle down. We believe work can and should be enjoyable and part of this is fun. Appreciation: We value candor and directness, and we only say about fellow employees what we'll say to their faces. We donโ€™t micromanage; we trust each other. We admit our mistakes, and we give credit where credit is due. Balance: We make appropriate time for work, friends, and family. We take care of ourselves physically and mentally, and we stay in the moment whether weโ€™re at home, at work, and of course at play. We prioritize what can be done well now and what can be improved later. Impact: We pride ourselves on producing large amounts of useful work in a short time. Our teammates know they can rely on us. We exhibit bias-to-action, and we focus on results rather than on process. Weโ€™re not impressed with how many hours you worked this week; we only want to know what you got done. Passion: We inspire each other to think bigger, work smarter, and be excellent at our jobs. First, we want to see each other succeed. Second, we want to see the company succeed. We believe the second is a symptom of the first. We celebrate wins and we bounce back quickly from setbacks. Innovation: We challenge prevailing ideas and assumptions when warranted and we offer alternatives. We bring new and useful ideas to the table. We work to minimize complexity and we make time to simplify.