Redefining Tech-Talent Density

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CronJ: Redefining Talent Density and Mass Tech-Hiring for your Businesses As a next-generation global technology company, CronJ Technologies helps businesses reimagine their industries for the digital age. CronJ lets you rope in the best talent in the domain of technology as you hire remotely from us. With the help of our AI hiring tool Birbal, we have been able to automate the entire hiring process and remove human bias. This has helped us build an organization that is not only dedicated to enchanting the tech world with their performance, but we also have a team of people who fit the vision of our company and are technically sound. Birbal has not only taken away the onus of the menial tasks of screening resumes, but it has also screened candidates on their subject-matter expertise, to weed out undesirable candidates. Besides, you can integrate any kind of personality test to check if the candidate's soft skills are conducive to the work environment and if their work ethic is extraordinary. By leveraging the power of Birbal you can also bridge the gap between the skills you are looking for and the people you hire with Birbalโ€™s wisdom. Visit our page to learn more about Birbal Why should you work with us? At CronJ, we know that every employee contributes to the company's success. Different people have different strengths in terms of interpersonal skills, time management, and teamwork. As a team player, your job is to work together with other people to get the job done, irrespective of the hurdles that stand in the way to defy us. Our four-fold screening process ensures that you will be working with like-minded people who share the same mettle as you and are willing to do extraordinary things together. With us, you get an extensive opportunity to build your portfolios as your team up with some of the best and biggest companies. Life as a CronJ member is rewarding and satiating for young and curious minds and with togetherness, we are seeking to build a team