Building Africa's first continent wide Fintech powered cross-border Marketplace for products & Decentralised Finance

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DizzitUp ยท Remote ( France )

DizzitUp is a global marketplace that allows โ€จall Africans, wherever they are to finance, sellโ€จand buy basic necessity products and services โ€จanywhere on the continent. DizzitUp operates a basic necessities marketplace dedicated to African merchants and SMBs in various categories (Renewable energy, Foods, Healthcare) combined with Decentralised Finance services powered by an instant settlement & transfer blockchain infrastructure. African Merchants benefit from unique services and features on the continent: - Free registration, with no application fees. - Complete and free handling of the uploading of their offer on the platform (photos, descriptions, prices, ...). - Immediate payment of merchants upon purchase (Instant settlement) - Protection of merchants' assets (revenue) against local currency devaluation and local inflation. - Wide choice of payment methods: + Mobile money (Africa wide) + Visa & Mastercard (Worldwide) + Bitcoin, stablecoins, Ether, $Dizzy ... (Worldwide) All users, Merchants and buyers will benefit also from unique blockchain powered easy-to-use Decentralised Finance (DeFi) services such as: - fees free global remittance (DizzitApp wallet-to-wallet) - high-yield, auto-saving in $Dizzy - paperwork free P2P loans - digital assets investment including corporate Security Tokens (digital shares) - ... NB: $Dizzy, an USDC pegged stablecoin, is DizzitUp Marketplace ecosystem internal currency.