EDF US Innovation Lab

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EDF R&D (Research, Development and Innovation) has nine R&D labs across the world, including three major sites in France (Saclay, Chatou and Ecuelles), and labs in the UK, Germany, Italy, China, Singapore, and EDF Innovation Lab in the US. Their role is to provide R&D and innovation support to the business lines of EDF Group. Internationally, EDF R&D labs focus especially on providing support to the EDF subsidiaries and business lines present in those countries and their regions. This is done through the development of partnerships and collaborations with leading research centers, the identification of innovative technologies and solutions, and the introduction of start-ups and emerging technologies to EDF Groupโ€™s business units for pilots, transfer and deployment. To this end, the current priorities are the following: Develop and test new energy products and services Prepare the electrical systems and grids of the future Develop competitive and low-carbon generation mix products and systems Support the EDF Group's international growth by developing strategic partnerships and local references. Internationally, R&D provides support to subsidiaries and business lines present in the countries and their region. They do so by relying on state-of-the-art technologies in the regions to enrich the EDF Group business portfolio, to anchor in the territory and develop new markets.