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We help companies develop and implement innovative fintech solutions. By leveraging our expertise in blockchain, online payments, and other related areas, our clients can invent and develop cutting-edge solutions and services that help them stay at the forefront of innovation. You can consider Espeo Software a boutique One Stop Shop for Financial Technology. We are proud of our in-house Consulting Team that helped dozens of our customers to properly design solutions and product strategies, match the most efficient technology and utilize the private blockchain to be ahead of the competition. Thatโ€™s what we do daily as Hyperledger Certified Service Provider - 1 of 2 in Europe and 1 of 17 globally. We have also built a solid network of consulting partners who are indisputable experts in Finance & Banking. If you work within the following domains, weโ€™re a good match: โ€ข Online payments โ€ข Digital banking โ€ข Wealth management โ€ข RegTech โ€ข InsurTech โ€ข eWallets โ€ข API development โ€ข Trading software. We have been delivering FinTech solutions since 2008, building a broad portfolio, but we are not stopping here. We want each team member to know your industry from the inside out. Thatโ€™s why we implemented a company-wide training program. All of us undergo general finance-related training, and our tech experts go through several courses and certifications on FinTech, Data & Information Security and Secure Solution Infrastructure. Are you open to having a conversation about your struggles and plans? We are happy to help you take advantage of the latest technologies and create a secure, efficient, and reliable solution. Visit our website to learn more about our services, or contact us in the home section!