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ExpertHiring specializes in quickly finding top talent not easily uncovered by corporate recruiters or other agencies. We do this by merging the power of Artificial Intelligence with our highly trained and experienced recruiting staff. Access to unique, hidden talent Just like Google indexes the worldโ€™s information, we index the worldโ€™s talent making previously un-findable talent accessible to our highly skilled recruiters. Many of our candidates are not found by other agencies since they are not on job boards or LinkedIn. More quality candidates, not just more candidates Donโ€™t settle for mediocre talent just to fill a role. Our technology finds a broader selection of the best candidates. Once we find them, we donโ€™t just tell about the job โ€“ we sell them on your company! Faster hiring Hire in days โ€“ not weeks or months. Our technology cuts the time to hire. Our system finds people with the exact set of skills you need -- faster than a recruiter alone can. Better screening You wonโ€™t waste time talking to unqualified candidates. Youโ€™ll receive hand-vetted candidates in a personalized skill-screening report. See exactly how they rate in the top skills the hiring manager needs. Our curators screen for the human aspects of a quality hire: personality, attitude, and organizational fit.