FT Cambridge

FinTech technical accelerator aims to deploy and develop emerging solutions of DeFi and dApp services.

There are no job openings at FT Cambridge.

FT Cambridge is in front of a decade massive experience on financial and information technology specializations. As a main part of its ecosystem, FT Cambridge aims to initiate, deploy and develop a core-based decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized applications (dApp) and derivative assets exchange platform through a FinTech acceleration portfolio in London. From assessing the ideas to releasing the executive business plans, we aim to mature the connected and supported FinTech ecosystems by providing exclusive features as well as sustaining a joint venture roadmap in partnership with trusted and well-known technical, legal and administrative institutions. At FT Cambridge, we are following a future-oriented roadmap to deploy and develop a communal portfolio includes profitable ventures on DeFi, dApp, Cryptocurrencies and Assets Tokenization.