Harambe Protocol

Australian based Blockchain Gaming company, building out an ecosystem of NFT ventures fueled by the $RIPH token.

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โ€˜Harambe Protocolโ€™ is an Australian based blockchain company, building out an ecosystem of ventures fueled by the token โ€˜RIPHโ€™, developed in honour of the internetโ€™s most beloved gorilla, Harambe. Set out to build unique solutions to modern day problems, weโ€™re effectively integrating blockchain technology in ways that will disrupt some of the largest industries as we know it; including Gaming, Streaming and Music. Our primary focus is on โ€˜RIPH Recordsโ€™, an application with that exact premise at heart. How can musical artists make a viable sustainable income? How can accessing commercial rights to some of your favourite artists become easier and cheaper than ever before? These are some of the problems weโ€™re developing the solutions for, tapping into multiple large industries at once. Another incredibly important element to us is giving back. Weโ€™re integrating ways to passively fund the efforts of Gorilla Conservations, so far raising around $10,000 to go towards the efforts of those on the ground helping to preserve these beautiful creatures. We have an amazingly dedicated community expanding across a range of platforms thatโ€™s growing every day, excited for the future of โ€˜Harambe Protocolโ€™.