Hugent Hizmet ve DanฤฑลŸmanlฤฑk A.ลž.

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HUGENT Human Resources and Consulting provides recruitment services and career opportunities on a local, regional and global level. Established its first office in 2011 in Istanbul on the Asian continent, then expanded with the opening of its first branch in 2013 in Bursa and in 2015 in Izmir to bring a fresh approach and flexible solutions to recruitment needs of organisations along with being a trusted professional partner for candidates. Specialized recruitment of middle to senior and Executive Management level and setting up of HR systems in companies. Hugent Consulting has 10 areas of expertise including Sales & Marketing, Engineering, IT, Finance& Accouting, HR and Support & Operational Functions roles. Hugent provides customizable HR consulting solutions that helps the organization to gain cost reduction and recover valuable time & helps get work done more effectively as well. This also helps in the management & standardization of HR process. Our expert consultants provide solutions for organizations in: -Create and develop customized employee handbooks, -HR Forms set up and compliance, -Audit of HR policies, procedures, forms, systems, -Orientation, Training & Development, -Wage & Salary Review, -Employee Relations, -Job description process, -Coaching System, -Performance management systems, -Termination process, -Employee Satisfaction & Retention.