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We are Ignite. Building upon our legacy, formerly as Tendermint, creators of the Cosmos ecosystem (the worldโ€™s largest cross-chain network), we are leading the way in accelerating the worldโ€™s transition to a decentralized future. Creative minds have the power to advance the world and revolutionize how we live. Alongside this, mass adoption of blockchain solutions is critical to drive true global advancement. Our solutions are developed for global communities to easily build innovative ideas and for people to use decentralized services in their everyday lives. Together, we create a more transparent and equitable world. Delivering the benefits of blockchain with our solutions: Ignite CLI - The easiest way to build a blockchain. starport.com Emeris - Experience the power of cross-chain DeFi. emeris.com Ignite Accelerator - Speed up the time to market of your project Ignite Ventures - Propelling the boldest ideas in blockchain