An Agile Recruitment Solutions Agency (Stellenbรถrse Agencia) initiated to create jobs and bridge global unemployment

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With the rise of the Great Resignation and the mass lay-offs by companies witnessed alarmingly in 2022, the idea behind this Stellenbรถrse Agencia was birthed. There were a lot of Professionals in need of job opportunities globally. We couldn't keep up with the requests as the demand for jobs by most of these Professionals far exceeded the supply for jobs as we had limited slots. Hence there was a need to birth this initiative whose success will be primarily based on a Partnership between us and companies looking to hire quickly without the bureaucracies and high cost implications by Recruitment Firms, and a mutual understanding with Recruitment experts who have a similar mission to create jobs and reduce unemployment. We are interested in supporting businesses to hire the right candidates at little or no cost. By sharing your available openings with us, our team of dedicated and agile Recruiters will work to ensure that you receive your candidates 24/7, as we are reliable, fast, and effective. With our platform ( i.e Job-Datenbank), we are able to sift through your jobs and match candidates to you accordingly.