Crystallizing the Future of Blockchain Computing.

We embrace our purpose to make all digital information trustworthy through the use of responsible technologies for building a better society for humankind. At KrypC, we thrive to promote the adoption and usage of blockchain technology for solving hitherto unsolvable problems. Everyday we research and develop technology assets, that help enterprises and start-up innovators to build, deploy and manage innovative blockchain solutions with minimal effort, cost, and risk. Founded in 2016, by a team of technical and business professionals who have worked together for over a decade in cryptographic and other related ventures have set up a research and development center exclusively for blockchain technology. Since its inception, we have developed a low-code BaaS platform called KrypCore & a next-generation blockchain protocol โ€“ KrypChain. To date, we have filed multiple patents relating to foundational methods driving the blockchain concept and have developed and deployed multiple solutions for our global customers across many domains. Our technologists, researchers, and developers, who actively contribute to advancing the underpinnings of blockchain technology, are experts in translating blockchains unique benefits into real-world commercial use cases, for any industry or ecosystem. Visit our website to learn more about how we use BaaS to develop and manage blockchain production applications for our fortune 500 clients. #Join the conversation and tell us what blockchain technology means to you at [email protected]