Layer One X (L1X)

Layer One X is a decentralised blockchain, providing unrivaled interoperability, scalability, speed, and security.

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To provide layer-one infrastructure that unites and enables people to build and connect web3/5 systems, forging new era of user trust and sovereignty that ultimately delivers more equitable outcomes for all. It offers the first of its kind interoperability (cross chain and cross blockchain) with its innovative custom atomic swap technology that can facilitate the growing need of Transactions per second and enable micro based payments and value transfer (through tokenisation). Some features of Layer One - Scalability through para threading at mobile computing level of node operations such as validation and authentication. - Interoperability, security, and privacy built into its base layer enabling custom layer two development such as DeFi Hubs and Data Crowdsourcing. - Innovative โ€œProof-of-Participationโ€ based consensus layer enabling the everyday application participants to be the nodes on the network and get incentivised through layer two protocols. - To enable security and privacy, the consensus mechanism differentiates in between the transaction/smart contract initiator, validator, and the constructor. - The right API governance and SDK model to enable layer two developers to build on top of the layer one solution leveraging its nodes, validators, and custom DAG and blockchain based data structure for instant finality. - Decentralised Wallet to enable a single user authentication and Identity Management to reduce the cost of smart contract deployment. - Custom smart contracts that are binary based for faster network connection, validation, and response time. - Block finality and transaction initiation synchronous and enabling para threading through horizontal scaling. - Enabling its tokenomics to be controlled through the supply of the nodes velocity on the network to keep friction at an optimal level.