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Maslow is a valued based Recruitment People and Culture agency that supports both the goals of its clients and talent. Benefiting directly from my expertise in design, people strategy, talent management/acquisition, and HR tech innovation, working with me makes hiring the right people, with diversity of both capability and experience simple and effective. For candidates, I help to create a clear career strategy that sees individual success and finding more purposeful, fulfilling work. For organisations, I work with stakeholders to build a diverse, inclusive and collaborative culture that narrows capabilities gaps and improves innovation and productivity. The teams I help build are authentically connected to the purpose, principles and goals of the company and feel an intrinsic connection to the brand. Fact: The businesses and people I work with, thrive. Why? Because I take the time to truly listen and understand your needs. I create strategies that adapt to the paradigm shifts in the way that people work and the way their organisation is designed. Orchestrated strategically, this ensures rapid and sustainable growth, diversity and equity, economic success and impact. One of Maslow's leading tenets is to support women in the tech industry, keeping women relevant and with greater value in their chosen careers. I am an Ambassador of SheSharp Charitable Trust and run the Women in Tech NZ Group on Facebook.