Empowering Global Access to Traditional Banking and Digital Assets.

We are building the world鈥檚 most customer centric digital asset banking network supporting retail and corporate clients. We know cryptocurrencies, digital assets and blockchain are technologies that empower people and businesses like no other. They should be for everyone 鈥 and be secure, regulated, sustainable and, above all, simple and easy to use. Metallicus is driven by the idea that strong regulation, preventive security, verified identity and a seamless customer experience are absolutely essential for integrating and scaling uses of digital assets and cryptocurrencies into everyday financial services and economic activities. We have radically reset expectations for eco-friendly, energy-efficient and infinitely scalable blockchain-based solutions. Imagine a future where crypto meets cash; where banking, payroll and other financial activities meld seamlessly with the world of cryptocurrencies and DeFi 鈥 in a secure, regulated environment that vastly accelerates the transformative potential of blockchain technology. That is the future Metallicus is building.