Put your money back in your wallet -- where it belongs!

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MyChargeBack is an American financial services firm with offices on four continents. Founded in 2016, it quickly became the industry pacesetter in assisting consumers who seek to dispute complex, card-not-present transactions and track the movement of their cryptocurrency. In doing so, it has built relationships with over 800 banks and 450 law enforcement agenciies in over 100 countries and successfully recovered millions of dollars in disputed claims for its clients. Our mission is to provide our clients with proven strategies that succeed in raising disputes with their banks or directly with the merchants themselves. Our motto is: Put your money back in your wallet โ€“ where it belongs. MyChargeBack provides consumers with three vital services: Chargeback assistance, bank wire recalls and intelligence reports on merchants and cryptocurrency transactions. The chargeback guidelines issued by Visa, Mastercard and all other credit card companies are thousand-page documents. They establish a framework for consumer protection, but they are not an easy read. So much so that few people can claim to have read every key paragraph. The MyChargeBack team has. Our staff consists of subject-matter experts who are evaluated not only on their ability to master these complicated matters but also on their ability to successfully work with financial institutions across the globe to represent and recover money for cardholders. There are no chargebacks for bank wire payments. So MyChargeBack employs an entirely different procedure to recover wired funds, a bank wire recall. This is a complex process that requires an intensive, coordinated effort by our investigative and recovery teams. Finally, by employing advanced cyber tools and a team of seasoned investigators MyChargeBack is able to assist consumers track down recalcitrant merchants, as well as uncover the path that cryptocurrency took between wallets in order to discover the beneficiary. Email: [email protected]