Never Mind The Job Spec

Never Mind The Job Spec focuses on human-centred hiring experiences and talent solutions for startups and scale-ups

Never Mind The Job Spec focuses on creating human-centred hiring experiences that result in the best hiring decisions for rapidly scaling startups and scale-ups. Your journey, is our journey! Never Mind The Job Spec started life as a podcast and passion-project for Glenn, the Founder and Director. He wanted to reframe the notion of the 'ideal job specification'. By talking to guests about their career journeys, their experiences of major career and life decisions, he explored the world of CEO's, Musicians, Executive Coaches, Surrealist Artists, and a host of fascinating guests, and noted one common theme - the relationships and human-centred experiences that made a real impact in the individual's life and memories. Combining his 17-year career in talent acquisition and recruitment, with his learnings from the podcast interviews, and a passion for making a positive impact on people and their lives, Never Mind The Job Spec was established in 2021.