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Weโ€™re changing the image of tech recruitment. We know youโ€™re angry with how most recruiters treat you. Through being open and honest in our approach, we got to learn how you feel. Not that this was much of a surprise. Moving jobs is a stressful but critical decision. One which impacts your career direction and your overall happiness. It also takes its toll on the people who love you. With that in mind, we treat your career as seriously as we would our own. That means giving you the respect you deserve like weโ€™d hope for in the same situation. Itโ€™s just basic human decency. ODD SHOES DNA We donโ€™t do platitudes. These values come directly from the people whoโ€™ve experienced our service. Matching - We take the time to understand all perspectives fully so that we can make the perfect match. Insightful - Our in-depth knowledge ensures you get personalised insights so that you can make informed decisions. Efficiency - We use intelligent tools and technologies to give you a sharper service, faster results and free you up from tedious processes. Quality Focused - Weโ€™ll invest the time and money to improve your experience, even by 1%. Marginal gains matter. Dependable - Weโ€™re never โ€œoff the radarโ€, which means youโ€™re always in the loop. No matter how difficult the conversation might be. Dedication - Working with us means weโ€™ll be in your corner, going above and beyond on your behalf, always to get you the best possible result. Like what you see? Get in touch now to see the difference.