Bringing institutional capital markets on-chain for web 3 builders via a compliant high yield cash management product

The crypto credit markets imploded with numerous insolvencies across both DeFi and CeFi platforms in the last few months. It has never been clearer to Jeremy and Eugene that they knew they had to launch OpenEden. OpenEden seeks to lay the foundations of an on-chain capital market, where capital should flow like water, taking the path of least resistance to areas of highest productivity. As the firm builds towards a DeFi future, the industry needs to instill trust grounded with a solid regulatory-first foundation. The firmโ€™s DeFi journey begins with its flagship high yield cash management product managed by a financial institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Alongside its institutional-grade partners, OpenEden has developed what they believe is a best-in-class digital income product that utilizes blockchain technologies to embrace transparency as its unique value proposition. Disrupting the traditional veils of opacity for both tradfi and web3 CeFi, we welcome what we believe is the dawn of a new asset class, Fixed Income 2.0.