Parallel Office

The decentralized metaverse for business

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Parallel Office is a decentralized metaverse for business. It leverages the blockchain and the Metaverse to create an ecosystem where startups and large companies can own their office space at the lowest cost, work more efficiently and quickly find talent worldwide. The ecosystem will include a platform for matching professionals looking for jobs and employers looking for talent. Blockchain technology will power this platform through smart contracts, NFTs, and the dedicated $PLO token. Parallel Office's significant features are high fidelity, cheap cost, high efficiency, environmental preservation, energy savings, and decentralization. In the future, Metaverse Office will be a new option and trend for human offices. The first aspect of productivity will always be technology. We'll keep developing breakthrough technologies, proposing better service solutions, increasing industry productivity, assisting in the resolution of energy and environmental issues, and promoting the rapid development of the corporate Metaverse.