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ABOUT US Roof Stacks Inc. is an innovative and a complete domestic software company who brings new technologies to Turkey since its foundation in 2015. Roof Stacks Inc, strengthens its place in the developing technology and rapidly growing market with specializing in tourism systems, augmented reality and e-commerce. Head office is in Gebze BiliลŸim valley and its branches are in Elazig and Antalya. Therewithal a new branch Office opened in 2020 in Austin, USA. Canada and Netherlands offices also will serve soon. Roof Stacks Inc, provides speed, efficiency and cost reduction benefits to its partners while strengthening business partnersโ€™ competitive positions with the innovative technology produced. UNITS Roof Tickets Roof Stacks is the software developer of Bilet Dรผkkanฤฑ, the leading online ticket sales portal of Turkey which simplifies travel agencies' work flow. Bilet Dรผkkanฤฑ offers innovation on all travel and tourism related ticket sales transactions such as flight tickets, hotel reservations and insurance operations. Roof Money GoArt, which is a Roof Stacks project and introduces historical places with augmented reality technology, is the first in the world. Coins that can be collected while browsing the virtual cities of GoArt, makes Roof Stacks a different company that also develops its own payment methods. This coin technology called โ€œGoarcโ€ is operated based on Ethereum. Roof Games Roof Stacks, an ambitious actor, rapidly growing in the digital gaming market. The global gaming market has a volume of $ 180 billion annually. Roof Stacks comes in as one of the top exporters in Turkey with its innovative inputs in game development industry.