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SatoshiLabs ยท Prague , Czechia

We are technology pioneers developing products that secure individual autonomy and privacy. Innovation drives our brand success, putting us in a unique position where we get to focus on projects that matter, without having to compromise. SatoshiLabs established the cryptocurrency hardware wallet industry in 2013 with Trezor and hasnโ€™t stopped innovating since. Our pioneering team delivers secure solutions to real-world problems, with Tropic Square creating the first auditable secure chip, Invity bringing new ways to access crypto, and Trezor developing new secure hardware and interfaces. Trezor, the original bitcoin hardware wallet, has developed into a multi-functional device that meets the needs of advanced and beginner users alike. Its success has enabled SatoshiLabsโ€™ rapid expansion across its three constituent companies, as part of a unified strategy to meet new global challenges with cutting-edge solutions. We champion independence, innovation and secure access to finance for everyone, everywhere. Learn more about our companies at the links below: โ€ข SatoshiLabs - โ€ข Trezor - โ€ข Invity - โ€ข Tropic Square -