Smart MFG

Supply Chain DeFi; First 3D NFT Marketplace; Building the Open Metaverse

Building the Open Metaverse with the First NFT 3D NFT Marketplace for Interoperable Metaverse Assets & Real-World Use Case NFTS. Smart MFG, already a leading blockchain supply chain DeFi company, is also the worldโ€™s first 3D NFT Marketplace focused on making 3D assets interoperable across all metaverses, and enabling creators, industrial designers, and all makers to own, market, sell and authenticate their digital assets (CreatorFi), and gamers to accelerate their play-to-earn opportunities (GameFi). In addition, Smart MFGโ€™s NFT platform aims to bridge the digital-to-physical divide for all 3D assets. Smart MFG uniquely operates at the intersection of Supply Chain and DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and GameFi, serving as an entry point into the emerging Web 3.0 economy. To achieve that, Smart MFG has introduced an NFT Marketplace โ€” a one-stop shop for interoperable NFTs across multi-chain metaverse, blockchain gaming, and physical supply chains. Including the physical 3D printed, CNC-machined, fabricated, and manufactured hardware supply chains in partnership with SyncFab.