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AI Talent Market platform with millions of experts, short or full time Multi-domain. APAC, GCC, UK Aggregated. Vetted

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Solvecube Pte. Ltd. (f.k.a. I-Cube Consortium Pte. Ltd.) ยท Remote ( India )

Scaling of a business is directly proportional to the timely acquisition of fit for purpose talent. Our vision is to create a Super App for talent solutions. SolveCube is an AI talent market place platform with a Human touch. Inclusion of diverse talent is at the core of Solvecube's purpose- remote working, mature experts, Solopreneurs, boutique firms and boundaryless talent available full time, part time, short term or turnkey. It brings together a fragmented talent acquisition market into one AI platform! Blended workforce solutions. โ€ข.Tens of thousands of mid & senior experts for short term, part time or for turnkey. Growing every day ! โ€ข 480M+ global talent inventory with instant matchmaking for full time roles โ€ข 1500+ recruiters on demand, dedicated capacity to clients, not on client payroll, full time or part time, fixed monthly fee and a small success fee; โ€ข Curated Staffing firms to fulfil technology talent needs of clients across regions โ€ขTalent Supply partners to consulting firms, project/assignment based domain experts; remote or onsite; It can search, find, contract & pay online. The platformโ€™s technology provides capability matched, rank-ordered experts & service providers for speed & scale. With our RMs or recruiters on demand, you can shortlist, curate and select talent across levels within 48-96 hours. Our inhouse experts ensure that only the best ready-to-get-on-board talent is presented to you. We invite experts to register your profile online & get auto-matched for assignments. Conversely, clients onboarding the platform will be connected to RMs within 24 hours to determine their needs and recommend solutions. They can even post a requirement and get instant matches to select and engage. Self-service of the platform to access millions of profiles made available on demand with a subscription fees. SolveCube is a win-win solution for all! Consulting firms, Corporates, Start-ups, PE/VC firms and government bodies