Speeding up the energy transition to renewables using blockchain technology (Beware of fake profiles and CEO clon users)

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SunContract connects energy customers in an open marketplace - to create a new type of energy experience โ€“ one that puts the customer and our collective future as a society first. The Project provides an avenue for P2P energy trading โ€“ offering a modern business model that allows renewable energy generators to sell their electricity at their desired price to consumers willing to pay that price, regardless of where these customers are located. Just like an open market economy, suppliers seek the highest possible price, keeping their costs and profit in consideration, and consumers choose the lowest price possible based on their needs and renewable energy preferences. Where the supply and demand bids are matching, a trade occurs delivering a better outcome to both parties compared to the relatively high tariffs and the relatively low buy-back rates. In this way, buyers can save money while sellers can make a profit.