Taurus SA

Unified platform to manage ANY digital asset: cryptocurrencies, tokenised assets, digital currencies. We're hiring

Taurus is a global-leader in enterprise-grade digital asset infrastructure with roots in Switzerland. 1锔忊儯 Market leadership: Taurus has >50% market share in its home market in Switzerland, the most competitive in the world. Globally, Taurus is entrusted by the full spectrum of financial institutions - systemic banks, investment banks, crypto banks, private banks, universal banks - financial market infrastructure providers and core banking systems. In production. 2锔忊儯 Product leadership: Taurus has developed the most advanced and most complete digital asset platform in the industry which goes 鈥渨ay beyond鈥 crypto-currency custody. No one else besides Taurus, is able to empower financial institutions to issue/onboard, manage, and book 鈥渁ny type鈥 of tokenised securities and digital currencies. On any standard. Independently. With the same platform. 3锔忊儯 Technology leadership: Taurus masters the full technology stack and 70% of our staff is made of engineers. We believe this is a core capability and a strong hedge against tech disruptions in an industry that is young and moving fast. The products our clients use are 100% built by Taurus and are at the forefront of what exists in the market with several patent-pending inventions. Anticipating protocol upgrades, adding "complex" new protocols, new signature curves or strengthening HSM-security, operating nodes+indexing is totally controlled by our engineering teams. This makes us future-proof, execute fast and a long-term, partner to our clients. Taurus is growing fast and always looking for talents. Contact us at https://www.taurusgroup.ch For other business enquiries: [email protected]