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At Tech Tycoon we empower our clients to deliver more with their cloud software solutions by ensuring that your AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure is built to scale to meet growing user needs, secure and protected against hacking and attacks, stable for continuous high-availability, and at the same time highly cost-effective. Stability - We shall ensure that your cloud infrastructure is stable to provide high-availability for the applications and services running on it and to meet SLAs with your clients. Scalability - We shall ensure that your cloud infrastructure meets the performance requirements and built to scale according to the workload. Secure & Comply - We shall ensure your cloud infrastructure is secure against hacking attacks and it complies with security standards and guidelines. Maintain & Support - We shall maintain your cloud infrastructure to keep it stable, optimised, secure and cost-effective all the time. == Cloud == Cloud Deployment SaaS Enablement Scaling & Optimisation Security & Compliance Maintenance & Support AWS, Azure and Google Cloud (GCP) == DevOps == Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Docker Containers Kubernetes Monitoring & Logging AWS, Azure and Google Cloud (GCP)