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Ternary Fund Management ยท Singapore

Situated on the crossroads of Asiaโ€™s economic boom, Singapore based Ternary is a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) registered fund management company (CMS) which provides a gateway for investors seeking to capitalize on dynamic growth opportunities in Asia. The management team at Ternary has been carefully assembled, collectively bringing extensive experience in government, mergers and acquisitions, business analysis, business development, real estate development and capital management. Ternaryโ€™s investments are characterized by our selection of high growth small-and-medium-sized enterprises in a variety of industries that have the potential for to an initial public offering or acquisition; and where we can support their growth through market development, industry connections and legal/regulatory assistance. Our ability to manage the IPO process for our portfolio companies provides our investors an exit option that optimizes their returns by accessing one of the largest capital markets in the world, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Going forward, Ternary will also look to establish investment funds that seek out innovative companies that bring to market products and services which enhance the human experience in Asia and beyond.