TJ Tech Company

With our vision to be a leading company in Fintech Industry , we vow to help people obtain their own financial freedom.

TJ Tech Company ยท Ba ฤรฌnh , Hanoi , Vietnam

With the vision to be a leading firm in Fintech Industry capable of delivering extraordinary value, we vow to help people obtain their own financial freedom. Throughout the long period of establishment and operation, our firm led by Mr. Takashi Matsumoto, an IT expert, a business man with a big dream and persistent purpose to release humans from financial distress, has innovated a product line comprising CRMs and other financial services with multiple edges that competitors cannot copy. Currently, our clients are businesses which mainly located in Japan where the financial market has flourished for years. We are planning to shift our targeted customers to different sectors where we can direct more resources into the B2C market and focus on improving individual experience. On the larger scale, Southeast Asia area with their potential growth in terms of infrastructure and technology will be our short-term prioritized market. We are an award-winning team that transforms your dream of achieving financial freedom into reality We build spectacular digital experience and visualization We recreate customers fantasy about the world that are free from financial distresses We promise to devote all of our time and effort into bringing advancing technological solutions We constantly collect feedbacks from customers to better enhance our performance We aim to create a harmonizing working environment where employees are entitled to spectacular tasks where they can flourish As long as the common goals are achieved, our staffs are free to choose their working methods, working hours, working styles. We embrace the freedom of speech and listen attentively to employees feedback about their daily tasks We provide them promising chances to advance further in their career ladder Our company reward system will motivate and satisfy staffs according to their contributions at the right time and right place Either working in a team or individually, you will be granted specific guidance.