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Transition to Web3 jobs, outsource talent, with product & growth marketing that positions & supercharges you to profit.

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Valucop Global (hiring) ยท Remote ( Lagos State , Nigeria )

Valucop Global is a career development platform, content and growth marketing and outsourcing startup that positions young people and brands/businesses to access global financial opportunities from emerging technologies like Crypto, DeFi, Web3, AI. We provide premium and fast writing, content marketing, social media and growth solutions to entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, professionals, companies and brands who want to increase visibility, acquire more users and adoption of their services/products. We position these group of persons access more income opportunities and make a global difference. Scale your business with our value-first services and talents. Services we offer: Talent acquisition and outsourcing Virtual assistance Social media management Community Management Staff Training & Upskilling Consulting & advisory Writing Services. Our Non-tech Courses: Content writing Social media management Community management Graphics Design Growth Marketing/Hacking Customer service/success Learn. Earn. Scale. Monetize. Culture & Mindset: Always Value First."