The European Alternative Assets Exchange

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Since 2015, British fintech start-up Vaultoro has been working toward its vision of digitizing the worldโ€™s assets and making them transparently accessible to everyone. Products include Vaultoro Trading; the worldโ€™s first gold-hedging solution, the Glass Books Transparency Protocol and Bar9, a gold savings account. To date, more than two tons of gold (with a current value of 95 million dollars) have been traded on Vaultoro, whose head offices are located in the UK. The start-up currently has more than 31,000 customers from over 95 countries. Founded by Philip Scigala and Joshua Scigala, Vaultoroโ€™s management team includes Laurin Bylica (former Financial Analyst at, Ana Valdes (London School of Economics). Vaultoro is backed by Techstars, Finlab AG, and more recently by the Dash DAO, who invested in the development of the marketโ€™s first Dash to physical gold pair.