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Hi! We're a team of recruiters, here to help you find work that matters. We specialize in filling jobs across: IT + cybersecurity / web3 + blockchain + crypto + DeFi / marketing + communications We're based in Nashville and love our local community. You can catch us at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, around town getting coffee (drop us your favorite spot!), setting up events for our people (a.k.a. you) + more. We've got a few specific communities that we run for folks who want to dive in deeper on a specific subject: - Women in Web3, hosted by Carly Long - Job Stories, hosted by Mason McSpadden - Blockchain IRL (coming soon!), hosted by Matthew McSpadden We're always working on more podcasts, resources, events and groups to help you take that leap of faith, make a change in your career or industry, and find that dream job that truly up-levels your life. At Weld Recruiting, we work for you -- our candidates. So get in touch!