Chief Technology Officer

Wayvy Labs

About the job

Wayvy is a Quantum-Resistant Layer 1 Blockchain solution.

This project can help with the convergence, transition, and coexistence of traditional financial markets and digital systems for the Private Sector and the Public Sector.

Introducing a highly-secured cryptographic algorithm, a new programming language, a new consensus mechanism, and a new Virtual Machine structure to deploy smart contracts and applications and create easier cross-chain communications coupled with a reliable distributed network of Nodes to ensure User-data security and privacy. As well as, create a scalable ecosystem for the advancement of DeFi reaching 1M+ transactions per second with a low fee structure.

Wayvy will be deploy first a minimum viable product (MVP) and will be based in Dubai, UAE with global expansion plans.

We are looking for a technically experienced and highly motivated CTO candidate with a passion for blockchain technology. A passion for disruptive, exponential technologies, in general, is a bonus. Wayvy Labs is a technology company that specializes in blockchain-related services and exponential technologies.

Key responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the CEO & Head of Technology to support the vision, mission, and guiding principles of the company
  • Oversee implementation of technical aspects
  • Recruit top developers and blockchain specialists
  • Build bridges and network with the blockchain community
  • Oversee the architecture of future expansion

Need to know:

  • Knowledge of technological trends to build a strategy
  • Knowledge of Blockchain & Smart Contracts
  • Knowledge of DLT & Hyperledger
  • Knowledge of Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Knowledge in RSA, AES, ECC, BES, MD5, MD3, SHA-1, SHA-2
  • Knowledge in Javascript, C++, Python, Ruby on Rails


  • BSc or equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field
  • MSc/Ph.D. or equivalent can be an added advantage
  • Must have a strong technical background
  • Proven experience as a CTO or role that would lead to qualifications for a CTO position
  • Ability to conduct technological analyses and research
  • Strong communication skills
  • Leadership and organizational abilities
  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem-solving aptitude and willingness to be hands-on when required
  • Experience within the blockchain/cryptocurrency space is a big plus

This job comes with several perks and benefits:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Flexible working hours
  • Equity Package
  • Remote (Early Stage)
  • Salary (After Fundraising)
  • On-Site (Afte Fundraising)

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Skill development

We want to take you from good to great.

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