DevOps/SRE Engineer (Blockchain)


As a devops engineer, you would be instrumental in building tooling for test automation, CI/CD, infrastructure as code, single pane of glass observability, and execution tracing. Our devops engineers are key in helping our SRE teams, engineering teams, and testing teams run efficient and secure infrastructure. Security and right sized capacity planning are key aspects of the Devops work stream.

We work with infrastructure as code tools (e.g. Pulumi, terraform), containers and container orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes, ECS); event source / message based architectures (e.g. Kafka); frontend applications (e.g. React, nodejs, etc); both RDBMS and NoSQL Datastores (e.g. Postgres, Mongo, Redis, DynamoDb); Linux based operating systems; and of course blockchain and DLT. Understanding both traditional virtual server infrastructure, containerized workloads, as well as modern serverless workloads is a key part of the expertise we are looking for.

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As an engineer focused on DevOps and infrastructure at W3bCloud, you'll be working with the wider engineering team on the design, deployment, and continuous improvement of the infrastructure that supports our developer platform used globally. You'll architect state of the art solutions for managing complex backend systems and leverage your experience to create a highly available live system for our customers.


  • Dual focus on developer productivity and product reliability
  • Improve important infrastructure and systems from an operational standpoint (i.e. deployment, logging, monitoring, alerting, etc.)
  • Work with engineering to architect a migration from ECS to Kubernetes on EKS
  • Develop and own best practices for managing production infrastructure: provisioning, application scaling, configuration management, capacity planning, monitoring, etc
  • Develop and own best practices for developer processes: CI/CD, dev and staging environments, etc
  • Provide input into long-term platform requirements and operational guidelines with a focus on reliability
  • Continuously raise our standard of engineering excellence by implementing best practices for coding, testing, and deployment
  • Build and maintain documentation around process and workflows

What We're Looking For

  • 6+ years of experience as a DevOps or Site Reliability Engineer
  • Experience designing and operating large-scale production systems
  • Experience working cloud infrastructures in general
  • Experience with container schedulers and runtimes such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with service mesh deployments such as Istio or Linkerd
  • Experience building deployment pipelines leveraging common CI/CD tools such as CircleCI and Spinnaker
  • Experience with real-time telemetry and tracing tools like Prometheus, Stackdriver, and DataDog
  • Experience building deployment pipelines leveraging common CI/CD tools
  • Experience with Infrastructure-as-Code (e.g. Terraform, Ansible, CloudFormation, Chef, Puppet, etc)
  • Experience with networking and configuring / managing VPC networks
  • An understanding of security best practices
  • (Preferred) Experience with streaming infrastructure (Kinesis, Kafka, etc)
  • (Preferred) Good understanding of web applications, microservice architecture


Must have

  • At least 2 years of prior devops or otherwise relevant industry experience
  • Intermediate knowledge in developing scalable & secure cloud networking architecture
  • Intermediate knowledge of AWS (IAM, EC2, VPC, Security Group, Cloudwatch)
  • Intermediate experience in developing in and Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaaC) solution like Terraform and/or AWS Cloudformation
  • Capable of constructing and orchestrating Docker-based infrastructure
  • Very comfortable with Linux systems
  • Willingness to learn and master new tooling
  • Strong opinions about how to build a sensible and safe cloud environment
  • Experience with backing up, provisioning & disaster recover production databases
  • Experience with Kubernetes and work with micro-service architecture
  • Knowledge in Git

Nice to have

  • Familiarity with a variety of cloud providers (GCP, Azure, Alibaba Cloud etc)
  • Understanding of blockchain or distributed systems
  • Go, Javascript or Python skills
  • Experience using Prometheus. Grafana, ELK Stack and/or other metrics tooling
  • Experience with any configuration management system such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet
  • Certification from any major cloud provider


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